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About the Owner

Shannon Stricker
Licensed Master Esthetician

 My husband Joseph and I both share the desire to help others follow their dreams. 

I am a Master Esthetician, specializing in lash extensions and microblading. I own a lash studio in Saginaw, Michigan. Now I can finally add that I am a Cosmetology School OWNER!  

I have been in the beauty industry practically my entire life. My career has taught me discipline, professionalism, and artistry. Teaching and supporting others that share my same passion has given me life's most fulfilling moments.


 I am 3X certified in Lash Extensions and als0 a Lash Educator teaching my very own specialty course for lash certifications. I eat, sleep, and breathe my career. Making other people happy is the cherry on top. I love being the best part of someone's day!

I am also a mom! Joe and I have three amazing daughters. We have been each others' support. If your lucky, you'll see them hanging out at my lash studio or at S.C.E. every now and then. Hehe.

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