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Enrollment Dates 2024

August 5th Session: Deadline to Register July 19th

September 9th Session:  Deadline to Register August 19th
November 4th Session: Deadline to Register October 21st

2025 Sessions Coming Soon


A Professional Approach

Stricker Cosmetology & Esthetics
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887 W. Midland Rd
Auburn, MI 48611
Tel: 989.662.4116



Monday 9-4

Tuesday 9-4

Wednesday 9-4

Thursday 9-4

Friday 9:30-2:30

Monday 9:30-3:00

Tuesday 9:30-3:00

Wednesday 9:30-3:00

Thursday 9:30-3:00

Friday 9:30-2:00


We offer instruction in Cosmetology, Esthetics, Manicuring, and Instructor licenses.  We offer an intensive curriculum with flexible scheduling centered on professional etiquette. Concentration is placed on proven basic methods with emphasis on the latest techniques in each of our programs. 

Students start out at the Junior level with classroom study, lectures, demonstrations, and practical work that all come together to instruct you step by step in the fundamentals of hair, skin, and nail design.  Other topics related to cosmetology such as tool and equipment upkeep, customer relations and critiques of current trends, fashion, and techniques are also included in the curriculum.  The emphasis on individual instruction provides not only better graduates, but also a more thorough course development.  Students then go on to the senior level where they actually begin to practice and perfect their skills.  All of the latest techniques and styles are performed by the senior students under the supervision of their licensed instructors, offering you current up-to-date hair care. 


 At the completion of the course, you will be totally prepared for the state-licensing exam.  More importantly, you will be prepared to pass through any of the many doors into the world of cosmetology.  Currently, Stricker Cosmetology & Esthetics holds a 98% State Board passing rate! 


Our goal is to prepare students for the wonderful, exciting creativity that our industry allows.  Our students will be completely ready for the “salon” upon their graduation.  They will learn skills and techniques from textbook learning, industry leaders, and clients with the benefit of flexible school hours.   They will become empowered to lead by example, treat others respectfully, fairly, and equally, and be able to pass on the fun & excitement of beginning their career.  Their attitudes will portray their success.

If you are ready to launch your career, visit us today and allow us to show you what makes S.C.E the place for you!


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